How to improve your network security with Norton internet security product?

Nowadays online attacks on organizations have become so common in the headlines in the recent years. The first half of the year 2017 was full of such news. According to a recent report 1 out of 5 businesses in UK is infected with the curse of cyber attacks. Therefore, to protect any business from the adverse effect of the internet, it is very important to install right security software that can protect their network from existing and upcoming cyber threats.

In recent years, it has been found that cybercriminals are making small businesses their victim; therefore it is not an easy task to maintain the security of the small business. So if you are looking for a right cyber solution for your business then Norton internet security can do the miracle with your network and can completely take care of its security. To know more on Norton internet security software contact us at 08007563354 (toll free number) Norton support number UK and get a solution for your each query and concern. Our tech experts are 24*7 available to resolve your all queries regarding Norton any service and product.



Here are some pointers that users should consider for rock-solid network protection:

Keep your network up-to-date

The first thing you can do to secure your network is an installation of effective internet security solution at your network. There is a variety of antivirus and other security products are available in the market, therefore it is very important to choose right security tool. Once the selection is done and it is installed on your network, it is highly recommended that one should keep cyber solution up-to-date as this is only the way that you can take to protect your network from upcoming threats. Therefore it is very important for the users to renew their security product time to time when the subscription comes to an end.

Create strong network security policy

To deploy business network without any vulnerabilities and loopholes it is very important to create full-proof and comprehensive network policy. There should be well-written network document that outlines user policies about who can access the network and privileges on the network.

Choose strong password for your network

It is very important to secure network access points with a strong password and it is also very healthy practice to changes the password after a certain span of time.

Keep Operating system up-to-date

The recent ransomware attacks proved that it is very important to keep operating system up-to-date. Os vulnerability can be easily exploited by the hackers.


User should not install unwanted and risky applications on the system

It is always recommended that network admin should block users to install unwanted and risky applications on their PC. There should be a right firewall application at your network that can keep eye on the unauthorized communication or flow. To know more on firewall and system security contact at Norton Technical support number UK 08007563354.


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